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The Hitachi Magic Wand has been renamed to ‘Magic Wand Original’ in 2013. It is the world’s favorite vibrator since 1970! This ain’t no cheap copy from Amazon or Ebay… It is the real thing that has improved the sex life of millions of people!

  • Get intense, mind-blowing orgasms for yourself or for your lover
  • Spice up your relationship in the bedroom (rawr! meow!)
  • Reach your climax faster and more often
  • Great tool for BDSM & Bondage roleplay (naughty…naughty…)
  • 100% Electric operation. No batteries needed. Because buying batteries sucks!
  • Better orgasms = Happy Lover = Happy life!
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Why Buy From Us?

We are an authorized retailer. 100% genuine Magic Wands sourced from Vibratex Inc. (distributed by Eldorado). Discreet delivery in plain box without images. 100% Anonymous. Free Shipping to the U.S. and Canada (Express 2-3 days with tracking number). Easy Returns and 1 Year Warranty. Secure checkout. Over 2000 in stock! Buy with confidence.

discreet shipping in plain brown box

Discreet Shipping

In plain brown box with no images. 100% anonymous.

Free shipping

Free Shipping

3 days with tracking number (USPS Priority Mail). Shipped from Colorado, USA.


1 Year Warranty

In the U.S. & Canada.


Easy Returns

We accept returns for unused items in their original packaging.


The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager has been renamed to ‘Magic Wand Original’ in 2013 for marketing purposes. It is the same product. Specifications:

  • Model: Magic Wand Original HV-260
  • 2 Powerful speeds: High 6000 RPM, Low 5000 RPM
  • 100% Electric operation. No batteries needed.
  • Voltage: 110v-120v (U.S. and Canada)
  • Length: 14″ (35cm). Silicone head diameter: 2.25″ (5.7cm)
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Cord length: 6 foot (180cm)
  • Plug type: U.S./Canada polarized
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Beware of FAKE Hitachi Magic Wands sold on Amazon & Ebay!

fake magic wand original counterfeit copy of the Hitachi massager


  • Over 95% of Magic Wands sold on Amazon & Ebay are fake!
  • Weak vibrations (small 3.7v volts motor)
  • Not electrically safe… sometimes catches on fire!
  • Often breaks within 3-6 months without warranty
  • Made of toxic phthalates


  • We sell the genuine Magic Wand from Hitachi (distributor: Vibratex)
  • Powerful vibrations (large 110v volts motor)
  • ETL certified & compliant with electric safety standards
  • Durable (some people use it for 10 years+) & 1 year warranty
  • Phthalate-free, 100% body-safe

genuine magic wand original massager and vibrator by Hitachi

Learn How To Spot a GENUINE Magic Wand: Click Here

Buy with confidence: We are an authorized retailer. We sell the genuine Hitachi Magic Wand (which has been renamed to ‘Magic Wand Original’ in 2013)

happy couple on bed-


Make sex more fun & climax every time!

happy woman on bed-


Treat yourself with mind-blowing orgasms.

bondage and bdsm with the magic wand by hitachi

Bondage & BDSM

‘Torture’ your partner with forced orgasms.

star rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customers

My husband and I love this toy!

I bought the magic wand to spice things up with my husband as we’ve been married for 10 years. I would say that it is one of the best purchase I’ve done in a while! We’ve enjoyed tons of steamy sessions and he loves to watch me play with it while we are making love. It’s also been very useful to entertain myself while he’s away for work for a few days. At first I needed to get used to the strong vibrations but soon I got addicted to them and no other cheap vibrator could even match the amount of pleasure I get from the Hitachi! I gave it 4 star out of 5 just because I feel like the cord is a bit short, but it makes up for the awesomeness of never having to buy batteries! I would recommend this to couples for sure.
– Maria, Portland

star rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customers

Best vibrator ever

I own 8 vibrators and since I got the Magic Wand all the others are collecting dust. It is very powerful so I suggest that you cover the head with an old t shirt to dampen the vibrations or just use the massager over your pants! After a while I got used to it and now I can use it directly against my skin. It’s AWESOME.
-Sara, New York

star rating reviews from customers

Cord is a bit short

When i plug this behind my bedside table it only reaches the side of my bed, not the center. I’d suggest using an extension. The vibrations are good though.
-Michael, Los Angeles

star rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customersstar rating reviews from customers

It makes me climax every time

It takes me a while to climax during regular intercourse but this bad boy saves the day. Now I can climax EVERY TIME when having sex with my boyfriend (not just watch him have all the fun lol). This would have got 5 stars if it would be less noisy, but I guess all wand-type of vibrators are noisy because they are big and powerful, as opposed small vibrators which are quieter. I would recommend this vibrator to anyone I know.
-Jenny, Atlanta

Frequently asked questions about the Magic Wand Original and the Hitachi wand vibrator)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We only sell the genuine Magic Wand Original made by Hitachi and distributed by Vibratex. To see the proof, click here.
Yes. Your Magic Wand is shipped very discreetly in a plain brown box with no images and no description about what is inside the package. Your confidentiality is our priority. Free Shipping to the U.S. & Canada (3 days with tracking number, shipped via USPS Priority Mail).
To learn how to spot a fake Magic Wand, click here. Fake, counterfeit wand massagers usually have an oval blue plate near the power button instead of a square blue plate. Any product or packaging that still features the brand name ‘Hitachi’ is most likely a counterfeit, because Hitachi does not write its brand name on the massager since 2013, when the company changed the name of the product to ‘Magic Wand Original’. Fake wands are also often lighter than the original. Last but not least, the minimum recommended retail price authorized by the official distributor Vibratex is $69.99 + shipping fees. If you find a wand that is cheaper than this, it is most likely a fake. We chose to include the $10 shipping fees in our price, $59.99 + $10 = $69.99. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada including these locations.
You can only buy the genuine Magic Wand Original in USA and Canada as it only supports 120v voltage. This was the case with the discontinued HV-250R model and still is the case with the newer 2013 model (HV-260). Hitachi prefers to only sell their product in America. If you live in another country and would like to buy a 220v-240v wand massager, please CLICK HERE.
This product only supports 120v voltage. You can buy the Europe Magic Wand massager that supports 220v, 230v, 240v by clicking here.
The original wand provide stronger vibrations than other massagers and is more durable. You can read a full blog post comparing popular wands here.
No. This product is an electric device and is NOT waterproof. DO NOT use anywhere near water.
This product is very easy to use. Just plug it in a wall socket and enjoy! There is only one button to control everything (On/off, Low speed, High speed).You can use the wand vibrator externally to stimulate muscles or internally if you use it with an attachment. We recommend using it for only 25 minutes at a time, then letting it cool down before using it again. Watch our video on how to use the Magic Wand vibrator.
If you are wondering how to clean your Magic Wand, it is very easy. Just remove the silicone head and wash the head with antibacterial soap or with a sex toy cleaner. DO NOT submerge the wand in water. Just wipe the handle with a damp cloth. More information about how to clean your wand vibrator can be found here.
You can turn your original magic wand vibrator into a multi-purpose adult toy by using it with an attachment or accessory. More information about these attachments can be found here.
More information about the discontinued Hitachi magic wand massager and the new model ‘Magic Wand Original’ can be found on Wikipedia. It has been voted best adult toy by Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Shape, and highly recommended by Women’s Health magazine. If you would like to read more reviews from real users, you can found many at this link on Autostraddle. To learn why Hitachi decided to change this product’s name to ‘Magic Wand Original’ in 2013, click here. Please note that Hitachi only authorizes the sale of this product in USA and Canada as it only supports 120v voltage. Various massagers with similar specifications as the magic wand have been manufactured and CE approved to use in regions and countries with 220v, 230v & 240v voltage, like the UK, Europe, France, Spain, Germany & Australia.

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Here is more useful information & facts about the Magic Wand, its history, recent news and more.

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