Girls Have More Fun With The Magic Wand

Oh the Hitachi Magic Wand, just saying the name out loud just makes me tremble. What is it about this amazing piece of technology that keeps people coming back for more, whether they are single or in a relationship? It has been around for more then thirty years and has been changing people’s lives

Spice Things Up With The Hitachi Magic Wand

Couples often get into a routine after dating for many years. Everything becomes a habit and excitement is hard to find. This doesn’t have to mean its time to find a new partner though, as many relationships go through ups and downs. They are probably still the love of your life you just need

The Unique Hitachi Magic Wand

What is it about the Hitachi Magic Wand that ticks all the boxes for people, so much that it is still a favorite after 30 years? It simply will rock your world that’s what. The wand massager has been around for more then 30 years and was designed and made so well that Hitachi

Complete Your Bedroom With The Hitachi Magic Wand

So your relationship has reached the next stage and you want to amp up the bedroom activities and are considering getting a shared adult toy. Not sure what to get to put together the perfect bedroom package? Here is a guide to why the Hitachi Magic Wand is the best toy to complement your

The Hitachi Magic Wand Can Save You Money

Adult toys don’t come very cheaply today. In the race to produce the best and most advance toys, manufacturers are putting up their prices to come across as the top, most exclusive, toy manufacturer. With toys costing at well above the $100 dollar mark you can’t really afford to be trying all the available

The Hitachi Magic Wand and Athletes

So you have heard all about the wand and its magic powers? Providing men and women the biggest and best experience they have ever had in the bedroom... I've heard stories that some of them even used it in a photo booth, right in a shopping mall in Montreal! I even heard that the

Watch Out For Fake Hitachi Magic Wands

[one_half_last] With the popularity of the Hitachi Magic Wand continually growing all around the world whther it is to use it as a vibrator or for muscle therapy it is no surprise that there are opportunists trying to turn that into their favor by selling replicas and passing them off as the real

Why Do Some Fear The Hitachi Magic Wand?

Every now an then it is not uncommon to hear someone saying “I heard it’s good but I’m too scared” which baffles the majority of women as they wonder why something with such a good reputation could scare someone away. After a little research we have realized there are many people who are scared

Using The Hitachi Magic Wand With Your Partner

Many couples choose to use a few toys in the bedroom every now and then to spice up their love lives. It’s easy for routine to settle in and things can get a little dull. Being one of the most popular toys in history the Hitachi Magic Wand makes a frequent appearance in the bedroom

What To Buy Along With The Hitachi Magic Wand

The first time you buy an adult toy is similar to the first time you do a bungee jump. After the initial fear there is a feeling of exhilaration that keeps you coming back for more. It’s the same scenario with the wand, once you have enjoyed this massager you will be wanting more. There

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