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Funny Ikea Vibrator TV Ad

Here is a funny controversial TV advertisement done by IKEA a few years ago. I hope that it makes you laugh :) One reason why people LOVE the Hitachi magic

Funny Hitachi Magic Wand Photo

Funny Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Photo We found this funny photo featuring the Hitachi magic wand massager online. "How to piss off your girlfriend when you go out of town?

Hitachi Magic Wand Review #6

I am Janet Mason and today I am going to review my favorite vibrator of all times: the Hitachi magic wand massager. What is great about this product,

Hitachi Magic Wand Review #4

Hitachi Magic Wand Review #4 Today we have one of our all time favorite: the Hitachi magic wand massager. This product is a best seller for obvious reasons. this thing